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The success of the PostCodeTrader lies with its affiliate members in helping spread the word through Facebook, Business groups, Personal or Business blogs, Chat rooms. YouTube, Email campaigns, Dating sites, Dating blogs and enjoy £40 as many times as you like.

Always remember - the PostCodeTrader can display ANY Classified or Personal Ad….for FREE.

Here is how it works:

  1. As it’s FREE for someone to join as a member, it will be easy for you to find people to sign up to PostCode Trader
    - No cost to become a PostCodeTrader Member
    - No cost to place an ad under classified or personal

100% FREE

This is the easiest of ANY UK affiliate programme

  1. Every time some joins as a FREE member via YOUR affiliate link its called an affiliate credit. This MUST be a confirmed email sign up meaning they will have to confirm their email.
  1. Once you have built up 50 affiliate credits, e.g 50 FREE sign ups (UK) only you will be paid £40

We offer a 30 day cookie policy, which means that if an advertiser visits The PostCode Trader website via YOUR affiliate link, and does not sign up for FREE there and then, but comes back a day or a week later, and signs up for FREE, this will be credited to you due to our 30 day cookie policy.

Facebook has over 500,000 groups listed with the average group membership of 18,000. It offers an affiliate a wide open opportunity to connect up one on one to offer them the chance to sign up for FREE in what will be the UKs No1 FREE classified website

The PostCode Trader is a very unique personal or business contact website, it will attract 1000’s of personal & business advertisers around the world.

Affiliate Members Area

We offer a full range of ads, promo videos, etc for you to use throughout the UK with more being added all the time, be sure you login to you Affiliate Members area of a regular basis to see the latest promo ads & videos.

We can pay your affiliate commission via Bank Transfer, PayPal or BitCoin

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